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Let me start off by saying I sincerely apologize for my behavior Saturday night after performing in Houma, La. I did not live up to my part as an artist to perform for the fans that came to Ultra Lounge. As a singer, I know my job is to provide quality entertainment and put on a great show that you (My fans) paid your hard earned money to travel to see a great show. I’m deeply embarrassed by my immature outburst and attack towards the dj, promoters, staff, most importantly the city of Houma, the state of La & my fans. I am a man who is extremely passionate about my craft, I’m also only human and sometimes my emotions just run high. I should be a better example. Because of this reaction, I am now writing this. I am a work in progress and will continue to get better and be the best man that I can be, as we continue to grow together. I am humbled

Musically yours,

J Holiday

Unfortunately, everyone wasn’t as forgiving as J. Holiday would have liked them to be.

One person replied:

Your no career having a**, have a seat ! U lucky people came to see your dried up a**. Your only apologizing because MTO posted the sh*t! &&& To Disrespect Fans, Promo And My State, You Lucky You Still Have Fans, && Promoters Still Booking You. Mind You, You Haven’t Had A Hit Since When? ok… @kingjholiday Celebrities Love To Throw An Apology Out There After An Outbreak, N***a U Meant That Sh*t! Ain’t No Sorry Bihh #RantOver


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