J. Holiday apologizes to Houma Louisiana

J. Holiday is issuing an apology for blacking out on the good citizens of Houma, Louisiana after his performance at the Ultra Lounge on Saturday night.

The “Bed” singer hopped on his Instagram account over the weekend and virtually “laid out” everyone in Houma from the fans to the promoters.

Read J. Holiday’s post below. (I only edited the profanity. Everything else is as is.)

The sh*t I say to wack cities. (Houma) lame a** nobodies. I got paid. I guess there are fake thugs eveywhere. F**K HOUMA LOUISIANA! And defibately f**k ultra lounge and all of its promoters. Like i said to n***as faces last night F**k u ur club and the lame n***as and b**ches in ur city. Horrible. Cornball belly Nebraska a n***as.

WHEW! He was really mad!

On Tuesday, the singer returned to the very same Instagram account to issue an apology for his words and actions.

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