DC Young Fly Buys His Mother A New Home (Video)

DC Young Fly Buys His Mother A New Home

DC Young Fly saw one of his dreams realized on Friday when he was able to buy his sweet mother a new home.

The social media star turned actor and comedian wrote:

I jus wanna thank GOD for allowing me to go provide for my family… Every hood n—-a dream is to move his mama out the hood!!!

She will neva have to lift another finger long as I’m here???? all that prayin she did for me???? I’m living proof that GOD is real #FindYouARelationship ?? #Thankful#MamaSmilingAgain #HardWorkPayinOff #NowWatchMeEntertainDeseFolksLikeDeyNeverSeen #OhYeaGoGetThatAlbumInMyBio??‍♂️????

Watch the precious moment below when DC told his mother she had a new home. (Swipe)



Congrats to DC Young Fly and his beautiful mother.

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