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On Monday, DC Comics formally opposed Rihanna’s attempt to register her ROBYN trademark. DC Comics claims that Rihanna has had full knowledge of DC Comic’s trademark and is trying to use a mark that is in sight, sound and commercial impression virtually identical to DC Comic’s trademark.

DC Comics argues that because of the similarity between the marks, consumers are likely to associate the goods and services provided by Rihanna under the ROBYN trademark with DC Comics’ ROBIN, when there is no association between the two.

DC Comics further claims that Rihanna is trading off the enormous goodwill associated with the ROBIN trademark and diluting its distinctiveness.

No shade to DC Comics, but they’re being petty. Trust and believe no one is going to confused Rihanna with a caped crusader. Not to mention…Robin fell off like Petey Pablo.

Robin Roberts is the only “Robin” that’s popping in these streets.


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