Daymond John Reveals Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

You never know what someone is going through behind closed doors.

During a visit to “Good Morning America” on Wednesday, Daymond John revealed his recent thyroid cancer diagnosis.

The “Shark Tank” star and successful entrepreneur had a mass removed from his thyroid that turned out to be stage 2 cancer.

Daymond told Robin Roberts:

You know, I didn’t skip a beat. I went to and I got some early detections, and I understood that I had a challenge and if I would attack it now, then I wouldn’t let it attack me.

I am absolutely great. I have to monitor [it] the rest of my life. You know, I have another half of my thyroid still in, and in the event that it comes back, I’ll be able to fight it. Thyroid is a very slow-growing cancer.

I’m good and I want to share this with people because that’s what success is. It’s staying in your family’s lives; it’s being around.

I want to be there to walk them [his 3 daughters] down the aisle and this is how it happens, by going out and people getting mammograms, colonoscopies … and all the things to find out what’s going on. Because you can prevent this, and you can stay around in your family’s life.

See the interview below:


I’m so glad Daymond is well and kudos to him for sharing his story to empower others.

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