After his recent arrest for unpaid child support, Darius McCrary is ready to do his part to help other fathers and fight for child support reform.

Actor Darius McCrary Arrested For Failing To Pay Child Support

In a series of tweets, the former “Family Matters” star shared his disappointment with the ridicule he received while attempting to resolve an issue with his child support.

Darius went on to share his dream of sparking a change in the child support system and went as far as to offer his phone number to other fathers who may need his help.

Read Darius McCrary’s tweets below.

I’ve spent all my career in Hollywood and have NEVER been arrested once. I fly in to Oakland County 2 resolve issues and u guys got jokes?

Great 2 B news worthy. Glad U guys know #OaklandCounty I’m not the first father and I won’t be the last to suffer. The key is to figure out how 2 keep our #CHILDREN from suffering. #Change

Pay child support not adult support

Those who KNOW ME KNOW the father I am.

My child can’t fly as an Unaccompanied Minor until January 2016 until then I have to purchase two airline tickets for him to fly.

He tested in the upper extreme genius level @ 5 yrs old, reading @ a 6th grade level while in my care.

I’ll be posting my phone number 2morrow in hopes to connect w/Other fathers who have been through the #OaklandCounty “Process”

I have YET 2 speak on ALL that has taken place in #OaklandCounty courtroom 2C

I have a dream, that fathers & mothers will co-parent 1 day N the best interest of the children w/out interference based on selfish agendas.

I have a dream, that our judicial system will treat good fathers fairly so they may have the ability 2 b better examples and providers.

If things don’t work out, I guess I can always go get that job @ McDonald’s right?

Sometime U gotta leave some people where they R so u can get 2 where U R suppose 2 B.

Posting my phone number soon to connect w/Parents and Fathers across the country.

I might not make it 2 the mountain top W/ya.

Fact: a good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge.

Reforming child support and child custody laws could b just as important as civil rights.

Let’s make a better 2morrow 4 our children by standing 2day.

My phone number is 310-868-4400

Looking to speak with all Fathers and Parents who want to make a change, concerning support & custody.

Kudos to Darius McCrary for trying to turn a negative situation into something positive and for extending himself to others who may need his help.