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Darius McCrary Is ‘Hurt & Devastated’ By Ex-Wife’s Child Abuse Allegations

‘Family Matters’ actor Darius McCrary denies abusing his 2-year-old daughter and says he’s hurt and devastated by the allegations.

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Darius McCrary says he is hurt and devastated by his ex-wife’s allegations of abuse towards their baby girl.

The actor, best known for his role of Eddie Winslow on the 90’s sitcom, “Family Matters,” has been accused of dislocating his 2-year-old daughter’s arm by his ex, Tammy Brawner.

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Darius recently spoke with TMZ about the situation saying:

None of these allegations are true. It really saddens me and it hurts me. The way that it happened, basically, is when we were done visiting with my family, she asked me to take the baby to the bathroom.

When I took the baby to the bathroom, the baby just said ‘Ow.’ I never pulled the baby.

I’m hurt and I’m devastated. I’m praying for her that she’ll be able to get her mind right. And I’m praying for my daughter, our daughter.

It is so sad when children are caught up in the middle of their parents’ mess.


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I’m also praying for little Zoey in the midst of this madness.


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