Darius McCrary is facing new allegations of abuse towards his baby girl, Zoey.

In court documents obtained by The Blast, the “Family Matters” star’s ex-wife, Tammy Brawner, claims he has not been following the guidelines of their court order regarding custody of their daughter.

She went on to say he dislocated their 2-year-old daughter’s arm resulting in the child having to undergo a procedure to correct her nursemaid’s elbow, a common elbow injury in young children that occurs when a child’s elbow is pulled and a bone partially dislocates.

Tammy also attached medical records to back up her claim. She also said Darius accused her of coaching their daughter to say “dada hurt her” during a radio interview.

“I cannot co-parent by myself,” Brawner writes. “I have gone above and beyond to parent with Mr. McCrary but he appears to be too bitter and too much of a tyrant to parent with me.”

Darius is calling B.S. on the allegations. However, he did admit he “grabbed one hand to lift her up and immediately grabbed the other.”

You may recall this is not the first time the actor has been accused of being abusive.

In February 2017, Darius McCrary’s ex accused him of holding their baby over a pot of boiling water.

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He then filed a restraining order against her claiming she burned him with a flat iron.

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I need Jesus, K-Ci, Mary, JoJo and Iyanla to fix this mess!

Do you believe there is any truth to these claims?