Dan Rue Issues Apology For Using N Word

Oh no, baby! What is you doin?!

Dan Rue couldn’t dance his way out of getting dragged when a video surfaced online of him using the N word.

Here’s the unsavory footage:

Dancing Dan apparently tried to justify using the N word by claiming he is Creole, but when that didn’t work…he issued what appears to be an apology.

Believe what You want but my goal in life is to make people laugh and smile. Sorry for what is done I can’t do anything about it now but learn from it. I will continue to make kids,adults and Seniors laugh and smile because that’s all this world needs.God bless??

Prayer is the strongest weapon we have. We all make mistakes in life no1 is perfect. Hope everyone has a blessed day ?? I will continue to make people laugh and smile for as long as my LEGS will Peter pipe pan ?

Here are the original posts:

The reaction in the Twittersphere was a mixed bag.

While some supported Dan Rue, others weren’t having it. Then, there was the group of folks who were shocked he wasn’t a mute and that he was white!


Your thoughts?