Damon Dash Talks Diabetes

Damon Dash, who recently launched the Dash Diabetes Network, is opening up about his own experience with being diagnosed with diabetes at 15.

The entertainment mogul told US Weekly before he received an official diagnosis he “thought he was dying.”

I think the circumstances when I got it, my mentality about it made it really positive because I thought I was dying when I first got diagnosed. Before I got diagnosed, I thought I was dying, and when I found out I had diabetes, I was happy to have diabetes, you understand?

So I never really understood why people were ashamed of it, so it was always an agenda of mine to showcase the fact that I was diabetic, and I know how much I want to learn about being diabetic, like every day there is something new to learn about it.

With the Dash Diabetes Network, Dame hopes to show diabetics that they can still live their best lives.

The main thing that I want to showcase is I did all of these things. I had a career, I have a career, I make history daily and I’m diabetic, so diabetes is not what stops anything.

A lot of people probably getting it think it’s over and s–t, look at all the things I did once I found out. I almost think that once I found out I was diabetic it made me want to live life more because I’m so appreciative of life. I thought I was I was gonna die, so I was like, ‘I need to get everything.’

Health is wealth! Kudos to Dame!

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