Denise Ross Convicted Of Murder For Deadly Butt Injections

A day after “Toxic Tush Doctor” Oneal Morris was sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing a woman she injected with tire sealant, cement and silicone, 45-year-old Denise Ross was convicted of murder for administering silicone butt injections.

According to prosecutors, Ross was known for giving women the “Wee Wee Booty.”

Unfortunately, 34-year-old Wykesha Reid died on Feb. 19, 2015, at an East Side Avenue salon, after Wee Wee injected her with industrial-grade silicone.

It took a jury two days to return a guilty verdict on charges of murder and practicing without a license.

Via NY Daily News:

The illegal procedure traveled through Reid’s lungs, which caused difficulty breathing, Dr. Stephen Lenfest, who performed the victim’s autopsy, testified at court.

Reid received illegal buttocks injections at least three times in the past. Her autopsy showed she had developed cysts in her rear side and that silicone remained in her body after her death, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Jimmy Joe (Alicia) Clark also performed silicone injections on Reid, who died of pulmonary embolism, the doctor said. Clark was charged with manslaughter and goes to trial in June.

Prosecutors said Ross and Clark worked together to clean up the crime scene. But Ross’ defense attorney, Heath Harris, said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove his client used silicone before Reid’s death. He added that the evidence pointed to Clark instead.

A witness said Clark was standing outside the salon hours before the incident and that Clark was the one who called 911, the paper reported.

Denise Ross faces life in prison.

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