A Dallas police officer has been charged with manslaughter after she shot and killed her 26-year-old neighbor in an apartment she thought was hers.

The officer, whose name has not been released, entered Botham Jean‘s apartment late Thursday thinking it was her apartment.

She allegedly mistook him for an intruder and killed him.

Via ABC13:

The responding officers administered first aid to Jean, a native of the Caribbean island country of St. Lucia who attended college in Arkansas and worked for accounting and consulting firm PwC. Jean was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Hall said the officer’s blood was drawn to be tested for drugs and alcohol. She declined to speculate as to whether fatigue or other factors, including race, may have factored into the shooting. She also said the Texas Rangers will conduct an independent investigation.

Authorities haven’t said how the officer got into Jean’s home, or whether his door was open or unlocked. The apartment complex is just a few blocks from Dallas’ police headquarters.

Police Chief U. Renee Hall said, “Right now there are more questions than we have answers.”



So, the officer broke into Botham’s home and killed him? Got it.

Now, we aren’t even safe in our own homes.

It’s unclear if the officer is in custody or in her real apartment putting together her defense strategy.

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