Dallas Police Claim Joshua Brown Was Killed In A Drug Deal Gone Wrong, Brown Family Releases Statement

Dallas Police are now claiming, Joshua Brown, a key witness in the Amber Guyger murder trial, was shot and killed in a drug deal gone wrong.

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Via CNN:

Brown was killed after an argument with one of three men from Louisiana who had met him in Dallas for a drug purchase, Assistant Chief Avery Moore told reporters.
A conversation between Brown and Thaddeus Green, 22, escalated into a physical altercation in which Brown allegedly shot and wounded Jacquerious Mitchell, 20, according to Moore. Green then shot Brown twice, police said. Green took a backpack from Brown as well as the gun used to wound Mitchell.

Moore went on to insist Joshua Brown’s death was not connected to his testimony in the Amber Guyger murder trial for the shooting death of Botham Jean.

As you know, there’s been speculation and rumors that have been shared by community leaders claiming that Mr. Brown’s death was related to the Amber Guyger trial, and somehow the Dallas Police Department was responsible.

I assure you that is simply not true. And I encourage those leaders to be mindful of their actions moving forward because their words have jeopardized the integrity of the city of Dallas as well as the Dallas Police Department.

Joshua Brown’s family has released the following statement through their attorney Lee Merritt urging the Dallas Police Department to turn over the murder investigation to another agency.

On behalf of the family of Joshua Brown, this office encourages the Dallas Police Department to turn over this murder investigation to alternate investigative agency.

This family and their representatives have consciously avoided speculating about law enforcement involvement in this tragedy, however, due to the proximity of this murder with the trial of Amber Guyger— rumors abound.

It will be nearly impossible to conduct a reliable investigation in a climate where the investigating agency has been implicated in the murder itself. That implication naturally stems from a trial where a Dallas Police officer was convicted of murder and other DPD officers were shown to have participated in condemnable behavior in destroying evidence and interfering with the investigation.

It is important for everyone involve that this case not only be solved but the conclusions arrived to by investigators be seen as authentic and reliable. A cloud of suspicion will rest over this case until steps are taken to ensure the trustworthiness of the process.

The Brown family would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to everyone around the country that has offered them support and encouragement during their time of bereavement.

See the original post below.

It appears this statement was released before the drug deal gone wrong narrative was released by the Dallas Police.

While I now live in a world where I know anything is possible…I also know the routine of how the victim is often vilified.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe it was truly indeed a drug deal gone wrong or just another cover up?

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