Da Real Lambo break up Gloria James

Da Real Lambo Calls Out LeBron James

Da Real Lambo has a few things to get off of his chest after his split from Gloria James.

The Miami rapper took to social media to respond to a report that claims LeBron James made his mother dump the rapper after he cheated on her.

Lambo called out both Gloria and LeBron saying they know the truth about the break up. But, it didn’t stop there.

The rapper went on to insinuate LeBron mistreats his wife and he threatened to reveal the real problems in their family.

Lastly, Lambo told the NBA star to put some respeck on it!

A post shared by Da Real Lambo (@dareallambo) on

#godspeed U!! Know the truth why we broke up! So should I tell the world the truth!!! ,U SAW ME TREAT YOUR MOM LIKE A QUEEN,AND I SAW U TREAT YOUR WIFE LIKE A!!! ?,DONT TRY AND MAKE THE WORLD THINK THAT LAMBO F**KED UP!! LET THE WORLD KNOW WHATS THE REAL F**KED UP PROBLEM IN THE FAMILY. @kingjames respect is due to a dog and you gonna respect LAMBO!!!!! Cause I always respected u!! . And since u love social media and couldn’t talk to me like a Man!!!U!!!!!!! Made me go to social media

Say it with yo chest, Lambo! I’m almost certain LeBron won’t even dignify this foolishness with a response.

Your thoughts?

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