D. Smith Quits 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta'

D. Smith Quits “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”

D. Smith says she’s done with “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and will not be returning for another season.

The franchise’s first transgender cast member told Bossip‘s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast she “barely” made it through her first season on the show and she won’t be returning for another.

No [I won’t be back], I barely made it through this season. They barely got me on the first season, there was a whole month where Betty [Idol] and I weren’t on there because I quit the show in the middle of the season. I was uncomfortable with the dialogue. I don’t foresee me being on another season.

D. Smith expressed her disappointment with how she was portrayed on the show and how they handled her storyline. She used the word “overkill” to describe how they ran the fact that she was transgender in the ground and I totally agree.

The truth of the matter is D. Smith is a producer with some accolades, some success, I’m a singer, an artist and I happen to be transgender. That’s what I wanted to portray and that’s what I wanted trans people to see. The overkill with trans, trans, trans and LGBT—what’s the big deal? Everyone in this world has a gay or trans friend, cousins, uncles, aunts. Why is it so big? I think that was definitely a concern. Me being on the show is waving the flag.

D. Smith also claims she never watched the show.

I’ve never even seen an episode, not one. I don’t read comments. I stay clear away from my social media. I have amazing things going on in my life and I”m super happy.

If she didn’t watch…how did she know how she was being portrayed? *insert chin-rubbing emoji*

Listen to D. Smith’s full interview below.



Will you miss D. Smith on the show?