It’s been almost two weeks since Cyntoia Brown-Long was released from prison and she’s “loving every single thing.”

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Despite the drama surrounding her new husband, J. Long, Cyntoia told NBC News that she is finding joy in everything from getting a pedicure to choosing how to spend her free time.

I am loving every single thing about being in my own home.

Being able to cook for myself and decide how I want to spend my day feels amazing.

Those simple pleasures that people take for granted are what I looked forward to when I sat in prison dreaming of freedom.

One of the best moments was the night I celebrated my release with my whole family and everyone who’d made a difference in my life over the last 15 years.

Looking around and seeing how everything had come together, and how everyone was fellow-shipping and happy, was just incredible. I wasn’t presenting myself as a 16-year-old heading to prison and needing help. I was a grown woman with my calling from God. This was my coming out party.

Every day I find myself thanking God for yet another experience I haven’t had my whole adult life.

Cyntoia Brown-Long will share her story in her forthcoming memoir, “Free Cyntoia: My Search For Redemption in the American Prison System,” which arrives on October 15.

Pre-order your copy of the book by visiting the Ice Cream Convos Amazon Store.

I wish Cyntoia much love and happiness as she reclaims and rebuilds her life.

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