One of the hardest jobs on the planet is being a teacher.

A disgusting video of a Chicago teacher being mocked, harassed, and threatened by a student with a chair is making it’s rounds on social media.

The video captured students running amok in a Chicago Vocational High School classroom, where a petite substitute teacher, one student referred to as “Ms. Cox,” endured the unthinkable as an educator.

One young man appeared to be the ringleader. He yelled, cursed at, and at one point charged towards the teacher with a desk in his hand to the delight of his classmates, who laughed uncontrollably in the background.

Ms. Cox can be seen on the video desperately asking for someone to get security. But, it appears her pleas for help went unanswered.

It’s unclear how old or new this video is. However, every last one of these students, especially the young man in the red shirt, should face harsh consequences for their actions.


Thank you to ICCer Shannon for provided us with this reply from Principal Douglas L. Maclin.

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