MOVIE SCOOP: ‘Creed’ Review

Creed Movie Review

Creed Movie Review

What’s your passion? What’s that motivational force deep inside that pushes you to excel no matter the odds? It’s that job you’d do for free. It’s that voice you keep hearing over and over exclaiming, “Don’t stop now! We didn’t get this far to quit! Power concedes NOTHING without a struggle!” The struggle is real. What if the struggle is so real that you lose yourself in it and the passion dies? How do you get it back? Would you even want it back? The one goal you relentlessly pursued is now the enemy you want buried. But we all know you can’t kill passion. It’s inevitable. It’s what you are. In the new movie Creed, one man is running toward his passion while one man runs from it. Is this film a unanimous decision, or does it fall flat on it’s a$$ in the first round? Let’s go!

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