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Countess Vaughn Drops ‘Do You Love Him?’ Video & The Internet Erupts + Lisa Wu Claps Back!

“Hollywood Divas” star Countess Vaughn releases her official music video for “Do You Love Him?” and the internet erupts! Plus, Lisa Wu claps back!

Countess Vaughn Drops 'Do You Love Him?' Video

Countess Vaughn Releases “Do You Love Him?” Video

Countess Vaughn has released the official music video for her new single, “Do You Love Him?” and it has set the internet on fiyaaaah! (And I don’t mean that in a good way.)

The interesting visual is directed by her “Hollywood Divas” castmate, Lisa Wu, and centers around a love triangle.

Watch the video below.



Countess’ video made her a Trending Topic on Twitter and Facebook as social media users weighed in, shaded, and dragged the chile and her visual.

Peep a few Tweets on page 2.

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