Some of these media outlets aren’t worth the hosting and keystrokes!

Fox News is getting slammed for trying to shame former “Cosby Show” star Geoffrey Owens for working at a New Jersey Trader Joe’s.

Geoffrey starred on the show as Elvin Tibideaux, a young doctor and husband of the Huxtable’s eldest daughter, Sondra.

The headline on their site reads, ‘Cosby Show’ actor Geoffrey Owens spotted bagging groceries at NJ Trader Joe’s…AND?!

Geoffrey Owens

It’s really pathetic and obvious that they put the spotlight on Geoffrey, who is minding his own business and earning an honest living, with no intentions other than being petty.

That’s okay! Social media rallied around the actor and blasted Fox News for being the garbage we’ve always known them to be.


I have the utmost respect for Geoffrey Owens and my spidey senses are telling me blessings are about to overflow for him!

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