Cop Who Tasered Man Holding Baby Suspended WITHOUT Pay (Video)

Cop Who Tasered Man Holding Baby Suspended WITHOUT Pay

The Michigan cop who tasered a man while he was holding his 2-month-old son has been suspended without pay.

The 4-minute cell phone video of the chaotic incident posted on Facebook and shows officers responding to the scene in Westland where they reportedly received several calls claiming Raymurez Brown and his girlfriend assaulted a woman and damaged her car.

Officers confronted Brown who continually asked, “What is the crime right now? Where’s the property that was damaged? Where is it? Where is the damaged property?”

The situation escalated ridiculously quick with four officers surrounding Raymurez Brown.

Officers told him to calm down or he would be arrested for disorderly conduct if he didn’t lower his voice. That’s when one of the officers tasered Brown while he was holding his infant child.

Westland Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik said Brown’s arrest was appropriate and the use of the taser was justified – but the officer made a “questionable decision” by using it while Raymurez was holding an infant.

The officer has been suspended for 30-days without pay.

“This incident will give us the opportunity to review all of our use of force policies and our department’s training of those policies,” the statement continued. “We are all aware that being a police officer is a difficult job. This is especially true when the persons they encounter are non-compliant.”

Meanwhile…Brown was charged with disturbing the peace, hindering a police investigation, damage to personal property, neglect of a minor, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer.


Watch the tomfoolery below.

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