Juju graduates from college


I’m the daughter of two Cuban immigrants who came to the U.S for a better Tomorrow…. And Today …..(graduation cap emoji) This is SO surreal to me OMG! Yall have NO idea how long this road has been but today it hit me like….hell I don’t know what it hit me like, just know it hit me hard..that today I am finally picking up my cap and gown.

Through all the hard nights, the DRAMA, and the naysayers – ya favorite Chocolate Cuban is receiving her BACHELORS in Business with a Minor in Public administration. I’m too geeked ! Look here, if you want to go back to school , you better do that ish and NEVER let a hater tell you that you can’t!

With everything I’ve been through I think I turned out pretty damn good if I say so myself! I got my degree, own my own business, licensed real estate agent, licensed insurance agent, baby I do it ALL!

I’m not done yet though. I have so much more of myself to give to the world and I’m excited that all you lovies get to embark on this journey with me!! #KillaJuju #BeautyAndBrains

How inspring! Congratulations, Juju! We’re so happy for you!

Photos: Instagram

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