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Devon Still & Asha Joyce Have Their Dream Wedding

Devon Still and Asha Joyce are officially man and wife.

The beautiful couple, who were recipients of The Knot’s Dream Wedding, exchanged vows at the New York Public Library in Manhattan on Friday (May 13) in front of 180 guests.

Two years ago, Devon and Asha put their wedding plans on hold when Leah Still was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. We all rejoiced when Devon announced she was cancer free in 2015.

We put off the wedding because my daughter was battling cancer. Now that the wedding is officially here, it’s the beginning of our future and the end to a hard time. When I saw Leah even before the wedding, I got emotional. We’d been waiting for this moment for a long time.

To see my daughter walking here at my wedding, healthy, knowing she is cancer free is a tear-jerker for me. We are using this night to celebrate the strength that we have of making it together as a family. We’re a hell of a team to make it through and to be here, finally happy and at peace.


Leah, who wore a custom-designed pink flower girl dress, looked angelic. She was so happy that she cried as her daddy exchanged vows with Asha.

During her toast to the couple, Leah thanked everyone for their support through her cancer battle saying, “Thank you to everybody for supporting me and I love my new family.” She added, “Now, let’s party.”



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