Big Sean gets the key to the cit of Detroit

Big Sean Get The Key To The Motor City

Everything he does is his first name…

Big Sean received the key to the city of his hometown of Detroit on Saturday (April 1) and he is absolutely honored and humbled.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, the 29-year-old rapper pointed out that he is the youngest and just one of three people to have received the prestigious honor.

Today I got one of the highest honors a person can receive, the key to the City Of Detroit. The mayor said he’s given it to 3 people… Stevie Wonder, Berry Gordy, and Me. I’m the youngest person to receive this in the history of the city!

Thank u for this monumental moment! He honored me and my foundation for motivating the city through my music n messaging and starting an actual curriculum called “Mogul Prep” that teaches kids all the behind the scenes jobs available in the music industry and taught to them at a high school level.

This will be applied to Detroit Public Schools come this fall and some schools in Baltimore and more. thanks to my mom for being a teacher n helping w/ this tremendously and our foundation @seanandersonorg. N thanks to all the people that attended this inspiring event! I’m a keep putting my energy into this ??

Congratulations to Big Sean.

 Big Sean

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