It’s always tough to lose a loved one, but it’s especially hard during the holidays.

The-Dream took to social media on Sunday and shared his father passed on Friday.

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In the now-deleted post on his Instagram page, the super-producer wrote:

I just received word that My Dad passed on Friday. Currently Processing…people have called to say how mad they are still at you over things in the past.

What I also took from it is, we all are People trying to find our best selves. Life’s not easy, but I can be made easier simply by first having the recognition that love is the truth.

You Mr. Terry, wherever your energy is in this Galaxy, gave me this space on your ride and without you, I’m still but half. I plead with your heart because I can feel you and have felt your grief. But, know me, there’s nothing to forgive because we are always exactly where we need to be, the only difference is how we look at where we are and how we go through life after.

Do not take the energy of grief from this physical place with you. Leave with peace and know that you owe no one anything because I said so! And I’m the only one who could’ve chose to say different.

To my sisters, who I haven’t seen in some time, grasp this energy and hold tight celebrate the life of the man that gave you space on this ride. We only live once and no one has mastered it according to masters, but again a soul doesn’t have a master, it’s as free as it was when it first entered this realm.

Love is what you make it. Rest in peace and forever be free again! To everyone who’s overtrippin over things that can be remedied, stop wasting each other’s time. Time is the only thing none of us will get back.

Please join me in sending up a prayer for The-Dream and his family during their time of grief.