Sevyn Streeter Mourns Her Grandfather’s Passing

Sevyn Streeter is mourning the loss of her grandfather, who departed this life on Sunday night.

The R&B starlet announced Grandad Streeter’s passing on Monday in a heartbreaking message posted on her official Instagram page.


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To whom I get my last name, For the past couple of days & nights, I sat by your hospital bed praying for a miracle. Begging for a miracle! Fasting for a miracle! I wish I could come up with some poetic words to make myself feel better, but I can’t! Truth is, at 11:02pm last night night I watched you take your last breath & felt like I was taking mine! People tell you to “Remember the good times” when you lose someone….well I don’t want to! I want you HERE! Sitting in your chair in the living room, driving your mini van, asking me for a few dollars & a bottle of crown apple! How do we cope?! I was just with you last week! You were just telling me to “tell my ex to kiss my you know what”. I feel like I want to die! The deaths are getting too close as I get older! I wanna take another trip to Alabama with you, grandma, jazz, Jay & Brandon! I wasn’t prepared for this!!!! As they wheeled u off to your last surgery, I whispered in your ear & told you to “Fight”! I know you tried b/c you’ve always been a fighter! But God had other plans I guess, & I know I have to trust that! I can’t end this positively b/c I feel like sh*t! All I want is to hear you laugh again! I thought that I would be able to one more time. Now I’m stuck with this reality….a world without you!
Love you Grandad Streeter, I will NEVER get over this… #LIFEISSHORT

I extend my heart, prayers, and deepest condolences to Sevyn and her family during this difficult time.