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Days after Stacey Dash took a joke too far by running for Congress, Compton Mayor Aja Brown announced she too will be running for Congress…against the Clueless star.

In a post on her Instagram page, Aja wrote:

I am running for Congress to lift the standard of service and be a real voice and strong advocate for the women and men that work hard everyday, to create a better future for their families! Join me on this journey at JoinAjaBrown.com

My Vision for a Greater 44th is anchored in delivering real results, through building coalitions that unify, partnering with our cities to bring forth new investment, new opportunities, and focusing on collective progress that we can see and touch.

Being a Congressional representative is more than voting in Washington D.C. on issues that matter to us all, but it holds a responsibility to work with every city in the district on moving it forward to bring forth real results that improve the lives of the families that we serve.

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Aja Brown is a shining example of Black Girl Magic and she’s done great things for Compton since taking office and I know she’d be a great Congresswoman.