Common kisses fan in Detroit


Let me find out Common is giving his fans some good sugar!

Common gave a fan named Erica a performance she will never forget!

During his performance of “Come Close” at the Tanqueray Trunk Show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit on Saturday, Common brought Erica on stage to serenade her.

At one point, Common decided to turn up to the heat by giving Erica some sugar on her cheek.

It must’ve got good to him because one kiss turned into two and before you knew it, Erica turned her head to get some of those juicy Lonnie Lynn lips! Ha!

Watch the footage below.



The video garnered an unanimous “Awww daaaayum” from the rest of Common’s female fanbase. But, you gotta love how he to a fan who informed him the video was all over Instagram.

Common kisses fan in Detroit-1

Erica, you are the real MVP! You were a little late on your reflexes, but kudos to you for getting that good sugar!

Sidebar: Erica kinda sorta resembles Serena. Hmmmm

Photo|Video: Instagram