Comedian Steve Brown Viciously Attacked By Man During His Stand-Up Set (Video)

“It ain’t safe…it ain’t safe…”G-Eazy

Comedian Steve Brown was viciously attacked by a man in the middle of his stand-up set in South Carolina on Sunday night.

Via TMZ:

Steve was doing a set at the Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina when a guy in the audience jumped onstage and just went insane, first trying to viciously strike Steve with the mic stand and then a stool.

Steve ducked out of the way and, a good 30 seconds into the attack, a few people at the club had the presence of mind to subdue the guy, who was taken outside but then came back.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Dept. responded to the club, and has opened an investigation.

Cops say the suspect’s first name is Marvin, and … shocker … he was boozing at the club. We’re told 4 people in the club, aside from Steve, were injured and they want to press charges. He also did $400 in damages … smashing the mic, dishes and glasses.

One of the victims is a security guard who says he got punched in the face before Marvin bolted in a car.

See the clip below.

Steve Brown took to social media to address the incident and he chastised the venue for lack of security.

He also posted a photo of his injury.

This could have been super ugly. I’m happy Steve is okay.

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