Gary Owen Exposes Racist Fan

Gary Owen took to Instagram on Saturday night to expose a racist fan who heckled him at one of his shows only to follow it up with a vile Facebook message calling him a “n***er lover.”

The actor and comedian, who has been married to a beautiful black woman for over 14 years, wrote:

Tonight at my show in Naples, Florida I had to kick this guy out. He wouldn’t stop talking then he said some inappropriate sh*t. Read for yourself what this guy Joseph Lanham sent me on Facebook after he got kicked out.

In the video , Gary said, “That $40 you spent on a ticket to see me – I’m going to donate that to the NAACP, you racist f**k!”

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Gary Owen returned to IG on Sunday to show and prove he made good on his word to donate the $40 to the NAACP.

He also revealed Joseph sent him an apology and claimed he was drunk.

Update…The guy from last night sent an apology this morning. His 40 dollars was donated to the NAACP. Still thinking about the apology. They say ‘A Drunken Tongue Speaks A Sober Mind.’

See the video below.

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Kudos to Gary! He’s welcomed to seconds at the cookout!

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