Karrine Steffans Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Columbus Short


Columbus Short recently appeared on TMZ’s “Raq Rants” for a very candid interview.

The actor turned singer talked about everything from his fall from grace (getting fired from “Scandal“) to his cocaine addiction to his tumultuous relationship with Karrine Steffans.

According to Columbus, he ended up with Karrine because sought him out and he was “homeless.”

He reaffirmed they were never married and said he only went along with the charade because he let her into a lot of his personal affairs and she held it over him.

Columbus also went on record saying her oral pleasures “aren’t that good.” He added that “Superhead is just a name…it’s mediocre.”

Watch the clip below.




Columbus is expecting a baby boy with his new fiancée, Aida Abramyan, who is due to deliver in January.

Hopefully, he’s really in love and wasn’t in need of another place to stay.

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