Columbus Short BLASTS Manny Halley

On the heels of Damon Dash G-checking Lee Daniels for his $2 million, Columbus Short took to social media and blasted Manny Halley for failing the pay the cast and crew of True To The Game!

It appears Columbus was holding his mule until Manny boldly announced two sequels to the film were in the works on social media.



That’s when Columbus took to the streets of Instagram to remind him he still owes EVERYBODY money from the first film!

So grateful for all of the support and love we have all received on #TrueToTheGame but sadly there will not be a part 2 or 3 until @mannyhalley and his wife Yolanda pay the cast and crew for the first one.

It is not fair to anyone who worked on the film, to not be compensated for their contribution to the film. We all worked very hard and yet I RECEIVED ZERO DOLLARS FOR MY WORK IN THIS MOVIE. I did it for the culture and the art, trust I would be taken care of on the back end.

But no he ran off with the bag eating lobster dinners every night, driving around in a Maybach like he don’t owe nobody nothing. So in the spirit of my big bro @duskopoppington I’m calling these jokers out. TIMES UP. 

This Image encapsulates brotherhood. This image is #TrueToTheGame MANNY are you True? I think not. #PayUp and give @terriwoodspublishing and @BET their money back too you crook. 

Yikes! See the original post courtesy of TSR:


Manny and Yolanda better pay them folks!