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Colin Kaepernick scored a huge victory today as an arbitrator has given him the green light to take his collusion case against the NFL to trial!

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Kap’s attorney, Mark Geragos, released a statement announcing the great news:



Charles Robinson, Senior NFL reporter for Yahoo! broke it down via Twitter:

Colin Kaepernick has won the summary judgment phase of his collusion case – a phase specifically requested by the in hopes of a dismissal. Instead, arbitrator Stephen Burbank has refused dismissal (in favor of Kaepernick) moving the case toward a hearing. Huge blow to the .

What this means for Kaepernick is the arbitrator weighed the current evidence and essentially told the that its opinion of Kap not meeting a standard for collusion didn’t hold up in summary judgment. Basically, he’s seeing smoke. That’s a big win for Kaepernick’s side.

Ayeee…I’m with Kap!

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