Coco Braids

Coco Shows Off Her Braids

Coco took to social media on Sunday to show off her new summer braids.

In the video, Ice-T’s stacked wife says, “Hey guys! Coco got some braids. What do you think?! Okay, it’s called ‘Da Coco Swoop!’”

Check out the clip below…


Coco’s braids have sparked quite a bit of dialogue on our ICC Instagram page.

One commenter wrote, “I love braids but to name them after you when black women have been rocking that style and more for decades is absurd!! You really need to stop. Love you but don’t steel from a culture and name it after yourself, please.”

She explained in her original post, “Oh and by the way.. I name all the braid styles I do even hair styles with no braids .. Its a cute thing I do.. I have many weird Coco-isms do.”

Your thoughts?

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