Coco Austin ultrasound Chanel Nicole


Closeup of Baby Chanel Nicole!

To all the non believers about me not having a baby bump.As you can see here, there really is a baby growing inside of me. I’m 5 1/2 months already due Dec. I’ve workout and have stayed healthy my entire life so my ab muscles are super tight and taking longer to expand.. Thanks to all the compliments comparing me to Sarah Stage (the model that had abs her entire pregnancy but had a healthy baby). Even though I would like to stay small I feel my tummy will pop sooner or later.. I may also look slimmer to you now because when I first got pregnant. I actually lost 10 pounds instead of gain. The reason, I believe, is because I stopped drinking alcohol. I would always have at least a glass of wine every night. So just recently in my 2nd trimester I finally started gaining but only 5 pounds so far. Hope this answers most of your questions.

Honestly, Coco doesn’t owe anyone an explanation…period!

She needs to keep her focus and energy on baby Chanel. As long as her baby is healthy everything else is irrelevant.

If only my abs were that tight!

Photos: Instagram

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