K. Michelle - Memphitz
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K. Michelle Forgives Memphitz

After five years of having knockdown, drag-out fights on social media, on reality TV, radio, courts, and the court of public opinion…K. Michelle and Memphitz have finally squashed their beef.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, K. Michelle said she now has closure after facing “1 thing has held me hostage to hurt for 5 years.”

According to the singer’s post, there were no lawyers, family members, or cameras involved when she and Memphitz spoke. They had a mature conversation and he apologized for taunting her on social media.

“I felt like the world had been lifted off my back. I spoke my peace, he spoke his and the closure happened,” she wrote. K. added that maybe now she can forgive “them.” (Presumably Toya Wright and her friends who slammed the singer and called her a liar.)

K. Michelle also implored the public to mind their business when people are having issues with one another because they only add kerosene to the flame.

Read her full post below.


Well, it’s good to know that ugly situation has finally been resolved.

As far as the public minding their business…we would have never known Memphitz beat her and stole her money if she hadn’t shared it on reality TV.

Your thoughts?

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