There’s nothing like having to face your wrongdoings from your past.

Claudia Jordan‘s chickens came home to roost when viewers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” clocked her tea and dug up some of her messiest moments from her past.

After her ugly confrontation with NeNe Leakes aired on Sunday, Claudia took to her Twitter account and blasted her castmate for resorting to name-calling.

Unfortunately for Claudia, someone took a moment to pull her Shadefax Report and reminded her of the time she publicly degraded her “friend,” Tiny Harris.

Let me give you the scoop on what Robin is talking about…

Back in 2007, Claudia Jordan was a co-host on Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole Radio on Sirius FM.

On one episode of the show, Claudia and her co-host, Johnny Mack, went in on Tiny Harris and they were relentless.

They were discussing the $3 million bond T.I. paid to be released from prison when Claudia set off the shadefest.

Is anyone else concerned about the fact that he is willing to pay $3 million just to be in his own house with Tiny?

She escaped the pretty line…I’m just saying.

Claudia went on to ask Jamie Foxx if he would have sex with Tiny.

When he responded, “Yes,” Claudia added, “From the front?”

Johnny Mack began to go in on Tiny saying she had a pig snout. Claudia chimed in adding, “I wouldn’t know whether to lube up or put a nickel in her back,” referring to the singer as a piggy bank.

Listen below.

Fast forward….

In 2012, when Tiny Harris attempted to launch her late night talk show, “Tiny Tonight,” on VH1, Claudia Jordan was front and center as one of the co-hosts.

It’s unclear if Tiny was oblivious to what Claudia had said about her in the past or if she was simply killing her with kindness.

All doubt was removed early this morning when Tiny replied to the whistle-blowing tweeter.

Claudia is now a co-host on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” and after she saw Tiny’s tweet she KNEW she had to take action in order to move through the streets of Atlanta without having to watch her back.

Ms. Jordan immediately took to her Twitter account and sent out the following series of tweets:

As promised, Claudia Jordan took to the airwaves of Atlanta and offered Tiny Harris a heartfelt apology.

Following Claudia’s on-air apology, she sent out the following tweets:

Tiny Harris may have accepted Claudia’s apology because she deleted her tweet calling the reality TV newbie a slut.

Moral of the story…be careful what you say and do. There’s a chance it may come back to haunt you.

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