Ciara #AskCiara iTunes chat


Ciara’s #AskCiara twitter Q&A turns into a shadefest.

On Thursday, Ciara joined iTunes Music for an exclusive online chat using the hashtag #AskCiara to promote her latest album, Jackie.

Unfortunately, Cici was added to the laundry list of celebrities including Robin Thicke, R. Kelly, and Draya Michele to have their Q&A sessions turn into online shadefests.

While her fans asked questions about her life, her music, and her album, others chimed in with jokes about her failed relationships, poor album sales, and anything else they could think of that would hurt her feelings.

Peep the tweets below.


#AskCiara tweet-1 #AskCiara tweet-2 #AskCiara tweet-3 #AskCiara tweet-4 #AskCiara tweet


Ciara’s good friend, Missy Elliott, chimed in during the chat to send some love Ciara’s way.


Missy Elliott - #AskCiara tweet

The bright side is Ciara enjoyed talking to her fans who were genuinely excited to chat with her.

Have you scooped Ciara’s new album?



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