Ciara 15 million defamation lawsuit Future

Ciara Slaps Future With A $15M Defamation Lawsuit

Ciara wants Future to put his money where his mouth is.

According to theJasmineBrand, the singer has slapped her ex-fiance and the father of her son, Future Zahir, with a $15 million defamation lawsuit claiming the rapper is trying to ruin her career and her reputation.

In the lawsuit, filed on January 21 in Fulton County Superior Court, Ciara is accusing Future of defamation, slander and libel. The lawsuit states the EVOL rapper knowingly made false statements about her in the media (and online) without any regard to the impact it would have on her and their child.

You may recall the time Future was on “The Breakfast Club,” firing shots at CiCi for having Russell Wilson around their son…

VIDEO: Future Criticizes Ciara For Having Russell Wilson Around His Son Too Soon – ‘Who Does That?’

Then, there was the time when he clowned her and Russell’s decision to abstain from sex until marriage…

Future Mocks Russell Wilson & Ciara’s Decision To Abstain From Sex – ‘After We Did It…We Prayed’ + Ciara Responds!

Oh, and we can’t forget about the time Future told the Twitterverse Ciara is a “controlling bih,” who refused to let him see his son…

Future Slams Ciara – ‘This B*tch Got Control Problems…I Just Want BabyFuture!’

In the lawsuit, Ciara acknowledges Future’s right to free speech, but he doesn’t have the right to defame her at his leisure.

In addition to the $15 million, the singer is also seeking $250,000 in legal fees.

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