Russell Wilson - Ciara - White House State Dinner


As soon as we fell in love with the idea of Ciara and Russell Wilson as a couple, reports began to surface that their newfound romance may already be falling apart.

In April, Cici and Russ went public with their courtship when they strolled into the White House State Dinner together looking as good as earned income credit.

So, we were a tad disappointed when E! News reported the couple, who have only been dating a few weeks, was taking a break after things got “a little rocky.”

A source just revealed to E! News that “things have gone a little rocky” between the pair. As a result, they are taking a little break in their relationship. “They haven’t broken up yet,” the source explained. “But things are not looking good.”

Ciara usually doesn’t indulge in rumors and reports about her personal life, but I love how she responded to her alleged break up with Russell Wilson.

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