Christina Milian Opens Up About Her Past Abusive Relationship

On Tuesday night’s episode of “Christina Milian Turned Up,” the singer opened up about her past abusive relationship and the moment her ex-boyfriend loaded a gun and pointed it at her face.

Via E! News:

Christina sits down with journalist and author and domestic violence survivor Tanya Williams to talk about her past abusive relationship. Tanya asks Christina to describe what her life was like at the time of the relationship.

“So I was 17 going into 18 and I met a boy and he had this sarcasm about him that I just thought was super funny,” Christina explains. “But that sarcasm turned out to be something a little bit more dark than I expected and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”

Christina then talks about how he started to get in her head.

“When you’re in an abusive relationship, you’re fighting for your life every day,” Christina says. “It’s not just one moment.”

Christina goes on to say, “I remember being that girl in the middle of the gas station trying to call 9-11 or call my mom and he’s got me by my head and by my hair and he’s pulling me back and there’s people just watching and they don’t know what to do. And all you could hope for is that someone will save you. But at the same time, you don’t know how to save yourself.”

Christina then recalls how her ex played “real Russian roulette” and describes how he put a bullet in a gun and put it to her head.

“He literally put a bullet in the gun and pointed it at my face,” Christina explains. “Staring down the barrel of a gun is the scariest thing you could ever experience. It’s not funny, it’s not for the movies. There’s a chance of life or death in one click, that’s it.”

Christina tells Tanya that she got out of the relationship when her mom Carmen bought her a ticket to New York and she was able to disappear for a bit and not call him.

“I woke up one day and realized that my family was just trying to help me,” Christina says. “And gave myself the courage and the strength to not call him and invite him back into my life.”

Bless her heart. I’m so happy Christina had a supportive family and got out of that relationship before it was too late.

The singer and reality TV star is now doing her part to help other women by promoting Stop Attack, an emergency assault app in addition to a photo campaign where you write down what you want stopped in the world and post it on social media with the #StopAttackChallenge.