Chrisette Michele Speaks Out Against Boycotts & Marches

Chrisette Michele Speaks Out Against Boycotts & Marches

Chrisette Michele is speaking out against marches and the calls for African-Americans to boycott everything that isn’t a black-owned business.

In a post on her Instagram page, the singer and actress says boycotts and marches were “the answers 60 years ago,” to ignite change, but not now.

See what she proposes below:


I don’t believe that a boycott is the answer. It was the answer 60 years ago. I don’t believe that marches are the answer. They were the answer 60 years ago.

Not when you have clothing label owners like Nicki Minaj, leading the way at chains like K-Mart. Not when you’ve got hair product owners like Courtney Adelye leading the way at stores like Sally’s. Not when you have record label owners like myself and Janelle Monae selling music at stores like Target.

Black men like Rick Ross owning Wing Stops, black men like Kasim Reed as mayor of Atlanta. Not when we finally have a black president. This is what they fought for 60 years ago. Now is not the time to destroy it.

Now is the time to achieve. Now is the time to send black boys to college. Now is the time to get good grades and become the lawyers that our uncles couldn’t, become the Mayor that our fathers couldn’t, own the stores that we couldn’t walk into. It’s the time to be the greatest and most civilized we have ever been.

Now is the time to attend City Hall meetings. Now is the time to vote and change laws. Now is the time to write letters to the politicians, and government. If you want to see change, speak with educated voices that we couldn’t afford before. We couldn’t even attend their schools. Now we receive scholarships to them. We couldn’t play their sports. Now we are the first ones drafted. We couldn’t walk into their venues. Now we are selling them out.

Action is voting. Action is education. Action is the well spoken. It is not chaos. It is not killing. It is not anger.

Action is greatness.

Arise and be the greatest. That is how we must speak.


Chrisette Michele, a law abiding citizen with the power to vote

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