Chrisette Michele Explains Why She Used Another Woman’s Miscarriage Photo & Apologizes For Inauguration Performance (Video)

Chrisette Michele - The Breakfast Club

Chrisette Michele Addresses Miscarriage & Trump Performance

With all due respect, I have officially put a condo on my wrist and cashed out on Chrisette Michele.

But, the troubled singer made her way to “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday to explain her actions and issue an apology.

I tuned in because I only wanted an answer to one question: Why on earth would she post another woman’s miscarriage photo?!

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Chrisette admitted the photo was not hers (we already knew that) and she went on to say she used to visual to show the severity of having a miscarriage and what she had gone through.

She also added that “people don’t read” so she hoped the visual would drive the message home.

The singer never explained why she was deceptive by not disclosing the photo did not belong to her.

Chrisette Michele admitted she regrets performing at Trump’s inauguration and called it a “bad choice.”

Watch the interview below.


Do you accept her apology?


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