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Chrisean Rock Gets New Smile & Announces Mother’s Day Giveaway

Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock recently got her “Bluetooth” permanently fixed by Dr. Thomas, and they announced a Free Smile Giveaway for Mother’s Day.

Dr. Trevor J. Thomas is known as @teethbytrav on Instagram, and he does incredible work.

Since Chrisean is an expectant mother who has a reason to smile this Mother’s Day, they wanted to bless another mother with a new smile on Mother’s Day.

Chrisean Rock explained how to enter the Free Smile Giveaway contest:

All you got to do is follow @teethbytrev and everybody who he following.

And that’s how you enter the contest.

On Mother’s Day Chrisean will pick a winner at random.

Dr. Thomas said they just wanted to give back to Chrisean’s fans and thank them for all the support.

Reportedly Dr. Thomas and Chrisean will go 50/50 on the cost of the Free Smile Giveaway.

Watch the video below of Chrisean and Dr. Thomas talking about the giveaway:

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Source: TMZ

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