Chris Stokes Is STILL Denying Abusing B2K: ‘I’m Not R. Kelly’


When Chris Stokes took to social media to promote The Millenium Tour 2019 it didn’t go well at all.


Chris was promptly dragged through the streets of Twitter over allegations he (and Marques Houston) allegedly emotionally, financially and sexually assaulted members of the group and singer Quindon Tarver.

Remember this shocking and heartbreaking video of Raz B and Quindon’s telephone convo?



Chris Stoke did his best to defend himself against the damning allegations and at one point he noted the he is “not R. Kelly.”

Peep the tweets below.


Chris rung in the new year by announcing he was leaving all negativity in 2018.

Negativity I will never play into. I never hurt any of B2K & Always had their best interest at heart including financially. I forgive any negative energy or tweets! God forgives and so do I. They back! Now stay positive in 2019 & Go get your tix! Enjoy them being back! Much love!

See his original tweet below.



Whew chile…your thoughts?

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