Chris Brown - Baby Royalty - Nia Guzman


Chris Brown is making an effort to be an active father.

The singer, who just wrapped his “Between the Sheets” tour, has a new lease on life after being released from probation.

Now, Breezy is asking Nia Guzman, the mother of his beautiful baby girl, Royalty, to move to Los Angeles so that he can be closer to his child.

According to reports, Chris Brown has offered to foot the bill and cover housing for Nia and Royalty to relocate from Houston to Hollywood Hills.

If Nia agrees, Chris will also drop his petition to have her child support reduced.

While I commend Chris Brown for his generousity…Nia moving into a house Breezy purchases could be recipe for disaster.

But, I’ll send good vibes and hope everything works out in Royalty’s best interest.