Chris Brown vs Nia Guzman

Chris Brown Calls Nia Guzman “Petty” & She Reads Him For Filth

Time to grab your “Run It” prayer clothes and clutch them tightly because all hell has broken loose between Chris Brown and Nia Guzman on social media.

After a judge tossed out Nia’s request to implement supervised visitations, random drug-testing, and monitors in Chris Brown’s home, she’s been spilling the beans all over the place including an exclusive interview with Latina magazine.

Chris, who is touring overseas on the European leg of his One Hell of a Night Tour, had time today.

He clapped back at his daughter’s mother saying she’s being petty because she’s mad about losing her case. Breezy also implored her to act her age…which he says is 15 years older than him.

You lost the case and wanna be petty! I AINT FINNA EVEN TRIP OFF NOTHING SHE GONE SAY, DO ETC… Can anyone tell me where this woman works? Can someone show proof of ownership on anything! I take care of damn near everyone in my life and I know I DO AMAZING WITH MY DAUGHTER! Just LIKE IM PAYING FOR The BDAY PARTY YOU ARE THROWING! 30k!!!!! Honestly act you age.. That’s damn near 15 years older than me!

Laaaaawd. Why did he do that?!

Chris must’ve struck a major nerve because Nia went AWF!

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