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Chris Brown Issues A Stern Warning To Soulja Boy To Leave Royalty Out Of Their Beef! (Video)

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has taken to social media to issue a very stern warning to Soulja Boy to leave his daughter out of their beef.

Hours after delivering an insincere ransom-styled apology via Twitter, the rapper returned to his boisterous smack-talking ways.

But, he crossed the line when he posted a photo of Royalty on his Instagram page while promoting this beef-turned-Celebrity Boxing Match with Breezy.

Soulja Boy

Take note that it was Nia Guzman, who originally posted the photo of Chris’ daughter tagged up with Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team in an effort to be messy. SMH

Chris was on the verge of blowing a gasket when he posted this video:



I’ll be so happy when this is over and done with because it never ends well when you start playing with folks’ chirren.

Sidebar: When Nia was called out for being messy, she offered this response:

People love to twist a positive to a negative. For ONE… idgaf about no beef between grown ass men. I posted the same tags 12/23/2016 and it wasn’t a problem. The whole situation is none of my buisness. I’m not here to bash nobody or talk sh*t. I have no disrespect to no one …Floyd and I are working on a project for my child and he has been sponsoring her for 3 months. I have nothing to do with anything more or anything less! God bless.

Her timing is uncanny….

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