On Monday, Wendy discussed the home invasion in her Hot Topics segment and offered her perception of Chris’ aunt.

Oh, his aunt. In my mind I’m picturing like Madea in the house frying catfish or something like that.

But, then when the show was over, I said to my staff, ‘You know what? How much you want to bet that that aunt was probably in the mix like one of them young aunts doing it big in the club?’ Turns out…here’s her picture.

So, remember that this robbery happened at three o’clock in the morning. The gunmen had guns and they had masks over their faces. Remember she heard noise outside and opened the door. Who does that at two and three o’clock in the morning?! And then they tied her up and threw her in the closet.

Watch the clip below.



Christine clapped back by blasting Wendy on Instagram and telling the talk show host to “get her facts straight!”


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Look Miss Wendy, before reporting your stories get your facts straight!!!

First of all I’m not young just well kept by myself and I don’t club!!! I never heard anything outside and I’m a country girl and would never open a door in LA where I’m not familiar!!!

I was actually asleep when I was assaulted!! So please don’t plaster my photos and make false reports and add insult to my situation that’s already hard enough and I find nothing funny about what happened here @wendyshow

I know Wendy Williams loves to spill tea. But, she has to remember the subjects of her hot topics are real human beings.

Photos: Instagram
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