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Chris Brown Files Legal Paperwork To Establish Paternity Of Royalty

Chris Brown files to establish paternity


Chris Brown is tired of battling Nia Guzman over child support and custody arrangements, so he’s taken action by filing legal documents in Houston, where Nia lives, to establish paternity of Royalty.

By doing so, he will level the playing field in court against his baby’s mother, who is reportedly demanding $15,000 a month in child support. (15 stacks for a year old baby?!)

Breezy feels the amount is excessive and wants a judge to step in and set a fair amount of child support for Royalty. Nia claims she only receives $2,500 a month from the Pop star.

Chris is also asking the judge to establish custody guidelines to stop Nia from denying him visitations with his little mama.

Shortly after the story broke and began spreading like wildfire through the internet streets, Chris Brown posted this photo on his Instagram page…

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